Live View, Multi-camera Live View, and Two-Way Audio with Alexa

With Alexa voice commands, you can instantly see the live view from your Blink cameras on Amazon Echo, Echo Show, Fire TV, and Fire Tablet devices.

Starting a Live View

Compatible devices can display Live View from your Blink cameras on-screen. The Live View duration will last for 5 minutes.

To start a live view from your Blink camera, say:

"Alexa, show [camera name]."

To stop a live view, say:

"Alexa, stop."

"Alexa, end."

"Alexa, exit."

"Alexa, go home."

"Alexa, hide [camera name]."

Note: Live view commands work with compatible Alexa-enabled screen devices.

Starting a Multi-camera Live View

Note: This feature is currently available in the US. Support for other countries is coming soon.

To start a live view that shows all of your cameras, say:

"Alexa, show my cameras."

If you have 2 or more cameras, your compatible device will show a split-screen of all your cameras a once. 

This is currently compatible with:

  • Echo Show 8
  • Echo Show 10
  • Echo Show 15

If you have more than 4 cameras, Alexa defaults to showing you the four most active cameras. If you want to specify which cameras be displayed when using this command, the cameras will need to be grouped together.

For example, if you made a device group called "backyard," say:

"Alexa, show me my [backyard] cameras"

Two-Way Audio

If you have a Blink Video Doorbell, you can use your Alexa-enabled devices to answer the door and speak directly to visitors with two-way audio.

Note: Using Alexa for two-way audio is only available with the Blink Video Doorbell.

To start a two-way audio conversation between your Blink Video Doorbell and Alexa device, say:

"Alexa, talk to [Blink Video Doorbell]."

"Alexa, answer [Blink Video Doorbell]."

"Alexa, respond to [Blink Video Doorbell]."

To end a two-way audio conversation between your Blink Video Doorbell and Alexa device, say:

"Alexa, stop."

Frequently Asked Questions

Does two-way audio work with Alexa for all of my Blink devices?

The Blink Video Doorbell is our only camera that supports two-way audio with Alexa.


Why are live views not working with Alexa and my Blink Video Doorbell?

If live views are not working with Alexa and your Blink Video Doorbell, your Video Doorbell may be in Event Response mode. If your Blink Video Doorbell is in Event Response mode, you can only view a live view within 60 seconds of the doorbell being pressed. If the Blink Video Doorbell has not been pressed, live view commands will not work.

Learn more about Event Response mode


Why does the Alexa app say, "Live view not supported on this device"?

If you receive the error message "Live view not supported on this device,” this indicates that you are unable to view a live view within the Alexa mobile app. You can still enjoy live views from your other Alexa-enabled devices, including Echo Shows, Fire TVs, and Fire Tablets.


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What Else Can Alexa Do?

You can ask Alexa to announce doorbell presses, show you a live view, arm or disarm your system, and much more.

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