Blink Camera Mount

Camera Mount

The Blink Camera Mount (also called "volcano" mount) is cone shaped and available in black or white. Indoor 2nd gen, and Outdoor cameras ship with this mount in the box. You can purchase the mounts from Amazon by clicking on the color of your preference:  WHITE     BLACK

Like the Blink Camera Stand, the Blink Camera Mount features a ball-and-socket joint using friction to hold your camera in position. The Camera Mount includes a right-angle adapter.

The mounting point fits directly into the back cover of Blink cameras. At first, the fit can be tight and you may have to press firmly to connect the mount.

It also fits into the right-angle adapter and Blink accessories.

While the mount can stand on its own, it is really meant to secure the camera to a surface using the screw holes. The illustrations below show the mount attached to a surface. The first two also show the right angle adapter. The third, shows the mount connected directly to the camera back.
3 main mounting options

Volcano Mount Dimensions


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