How Do I Delete My Account?

This article describes how to delete your Blink account. Reasons for account deletion include: you no longer intend to use the Blink app or products, you no longer have the devices listed on your Blink account, or you've created a new Blink account with new devices. Before you delete your account, please note the following:

  • If you delete your Blink account, you lose access to clips that are stored on our systems, and you lose access to any Blink devices through the Blink app.
  • If you delete your Blink account, we cannot restore devices, clips, or the deleted account.
  • If you delete your Blink account, the device serial numbers associated with the deleted account are no longer registered.
  • Once you delete your Blink account, you can create a new Blink account using the same email. However, no data from your old account can be transferred or accessed.


How to delete your account

  1. In the Blink app, tap Settingsat the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap Account and Privacy.
  3. On the Account and Privacy screen, select Delete Account .
  4. A popup displays asking you to confirm account deletion. Tap Delete.
  5. Enter your account password to confirm the deletion of your account and tap DELETE.

An email confirming the account deletion is sent to the email address associated with the deleted Blink account.

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