Apps that Conflict with the Blink App

Some Android and iOS virtual private network (VPN), virus protection, file optimizer, ringtone, and battery saver applications can interfere with Blink notifications. The following list contains applications that have been confirmed to cause issues. We recommend uninstalling these apps if you're having issues with Blink app notifications or other functions.


  • 360 Security
  • 360 Battery Plus
  • AdGuard (random logouts) 
  • All-In-One Toolbox
  • Avast Clean-up and Boost
  • AVG AntiVirus
  • Blokada
  • Booster Kit
  • Clean Master
  • CM Security
  • DFNDR: Antivirus & Cleaner
  • Droid Optimizer
  • DU Battery Saver
  • ES File Explorer File Manager
  • Fast Cleaner
  • Free Shield
  • Lookout
  • McAfee Mobile Booster
  • Network Master
  • Power Clean
  • Purify
  • Security & Privacy
  • Storage Analyzer
  • Super Cleaner
  • Super Fast Charger
  • Supo Optimizer
  • Zedge


  • AdGuard (random logouts)
  • Clean Master
  • Super Cleaner

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

If you use a VPN on your mobile device, it can interfere with your Blink device setup process and may cause the following errors:

  • HTTP 403 or 406
  • Unable to sign into Blink at this time
  • Unauthorized access

Some antivirus apps install a VPN and activate it automatically. In this case, go to your mobile device settings and disable any active VPN. Then try the setup again. You can enable your VPN after you complete your setup.

  • On iOS devices, the VPN can be easily turned off from the main Settings screen. If the VPN setting is on, tap the toggle to turn it off. You can also delete a VPN by tapping Settings > General > VPN & Device Management and selecting the 'i' icon next to the VPN you want to delete.

  • On Android devices, open your phone's Settings app and tap Network & internet > Advanced VPN. Then tap Settings next to the VPN that you want to disconnect. Learn more about how to disconnect or forget a VPN on Android devices.

Once the VPN is disabled or removed on your mobile device, restart your Blink app to verify your issue is resolved.

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