How to Set Up the Blink Yard Sign

The Blink yard sign is a simple, effective way to deter unwanted visitors.

You will need a standard size Phillips head screwdriver and about five minutes.

The yard sign kit includes the following items:

  •  Two machine screws
  •  One knurled thumbscrew
  •  Two aluminum rods with threaded holes
  •  One weatherproof sign with blink logo on front

The assembled sign should match the image below.


1. Place the machine screws through the printed side of the sign and secure them to the rod with three holes, ensuring that the third hole is visible below the sign. Use a Philips-head screwdriver as shown in the image, and take care to not over-tighten as the threads can be stripped.

2. Place the sign face-down, and secure the second rod to the first, using the knurled thumbscrew as shown.

The completed sign is now ready to place into firm soil, or attach to an anchor object.

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