How to request Blink account data

Requesting your Blink account data

Blink account information such as your account email and phone number are found on the Account and Privacy screen of the Blink app (Home screen > Settings > Account and Privacy). However, specific types of data requests such as CCPA, DSAR, GDPR, and PIPEDA require a Data Privacy Request.

How do I request additional data?

To request Blink account data that can't be accessed within the Blink app, go to the Data Privacy Request form and complete the required information. Tap Submit when you've completed the form.

The following information is required upon submission of your request: 

  • Full Name
  • Blink Account Email Address
  • Location (Country) 
  • Subject of your Request
  • Type of Request (DSAR/GDPR/CCPA/PIPEDA)
  • Data Requested (All Data or All Data Deletion)
  • Start and End Date & Time of Data Requested (YYYY-MM-DD, HH:MM:SS)

If you have questions about Blink's Terms of Service, Warranties, or Notices, visit Blink's Terms of Service, Warranties, and Notices

If you are a member of Law Enforcement or other Legal Affiliation looking to submit a request for Data Preservation, see the Data Preservation Request article to learn more.

  • To delete your account and all of it's data, go to the Home screen > Settings > Account and Privacy > Delete Account.
  • If you accidentally delete your Blink account, you will have to recreate your account.

Note: Account deletions are permanent.

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