What is the BLINK Wi-Fi network?

Local network and location app permissions

When adding a Sync Module, Mini, Video Doorbell, or Wired Floodlight Camera, you will be prompted to connect your Blink app to the temporary Wi-Fi network. It is named “BLINK-" followed by the last four digits of the device's serial number. 

The Sync Module manages communications between your Blink devices and our secure servers; therefore your camera needs to connect to its local Wi-Fi. The Blink Mini, Video Doorbell, and Wired Floodlight do not require Sync Modules for those communications, which is why they broadcast their own local Wi-Fi connections.

It is completely safe to connect your mobile device to your local "BLINK-XXXX" Wi-Fi connection and there are no security issues. If you encounter any problems connecting to your local Blink Wi-Fi, make sure you have the Blink app Local Network (iOS) or Location (Android) permissions enabled on your mobile device. See the links below for more information.


Learn more about enabling Local Network for your Blink app on your iOS device.


Learn more about changing the Blink app permissions on your Android device.

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