Setting Up the Blink SmartHome Alexa Skill

Before you begin, ensure that you have:

Note: Alexa devices do not support the Blink Indoor (1st Gen) camera. 

The Blink SmartHome Skill is like an app that allows you to monitor and control your Blink system with hands-free voice commands through compatible Alexa-enabled products. 

These steps are applicable when setting up the Blink SmartHome Skill for the first time.

  1. Open the Blink app and tap Settings.
  2. Tap Account and Privacy.
  3. Tap Alexa.
  4. Tap the Open Alexa App button.
  5. Tap ENABLE TO USE on the Blink SmartHome screen.
  6. On the Link Account screen, enter the email address and password associated with your Blink account. Then tap Continue.
  7. Enter the verification code sent to the mobile phone number associated with your Blink account.
    Then, tap Verify Code. If you do not receive a verification code within 2 minutes, tap Resend Code.

After you successfully verify your account, you can Close the screen to navigate back to the Alexa app.

Note: Alexa will automatically attempt to discover your Blink devices if you experience difficulties refer to the Troubleshooting guide

To learn more about accessing Live View, enabling doorbell notifications and more, visit Alexa Supported Features.

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