Setting your camera name and thumbnail

This articles describes how to change your camera name and refresh the thumbnail image.

When you add a new camera, the camera name and image are not set up. Your camera's device serial number (DSN) displays as the camera name. The thumbnail image (your camera's view) will be blue. To change the name of your camera or add a thumbnail picture, follow the steps below.

Change the camera name

  • To find Device Settings, tap the More buttonsettings icon at the bottom right of the device's thumbnail image.
  • From the Device Setting screen, select General Settings.
  • Next, tap the camera's name to enter the new name (for example, back porch). Once you enter the new camera name, tap Save.

Note: When you update the name of your camera, clips recorded prior to the name change will appear in your Clip List as that previous name.

Refresh thumbnail

From the Home Screen, tap the More buttonsettings icon and select Refresh Thumbnail. The camera takes a screenshot of the current live view and replaces the blue image with this screenshot. The thumbnail remains the same until you refresh it using Refresh Thumbnail. Learn more about using the Blink app. 

Note: This process doesn't apply to the Video Doorbell when it's in Event Response Mode, since the thumbnail is updated automatically each time the doorbell ringer button is pressed or a motion event occurs. Learn more about Event Response Mode.

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