Blink cameras - How to remove the back cover to install batteries

Outdoor 4, Video Doorbell, Outdoor and Indoor (3rd Gen), XT2, XT, Indoor (1st Gen)

This article describes removing the back cover of the following devices:

The Outdoor 4

This article describes how to remove the back cover of the Outdoor 4 and replace the batteries.

*The Outdoor 4 can be powered through its USB-C port using a weather resistant USB-C adapter; however, once the USB port cover is removed, the camera is no longer weather-resistant until it's reinserted.

How to remove the back cover

To remove the back cover of your camera, use the included right angle/adapter opening tool or large screwdriver.

1. Turn the screw to the left (counterclockwise) until it rotates freely.

2. Use the right angle/adapter opening tool to gently pry in one direction, lifting the back cover.

How to install your batteries

Once your back cover is removed, insert your batteries with the positive (+) and negative (-) poles aligned within the battery compartment.

Note: Blink cameras are only compatible with size AA 1.5 volt Lithium non-rechargeable batteries.

How to replace the back cover

To make sure the back cover is placed correctly, a post is included in its design. The back cover only fits when the post is aligned with the key hole on the camera.

1. Align the back cover's post with the key hole next to the camera's USB port and push to close.

2. Use the right angle/adapter opening tool, a coin, or large screwdriver to turn the screw to the right (clockwise) about three turns until the back cover is flush with the camera.


Blink Video Doorbell

This article describes how to remove the back cover and install batteries for the Blink Video Doorbell.



Electrical Shock Hazard: When electric wires are connected to the back plate, live current is available at the two metal contact posts. Before opening the back cover, turn off all power to the doorbell chime at the circuit breaker.

Release key

To remove the doorbell from its mounting plate, use the release key that came taped to the paper template in the product box.

If you need another key, contact Blink support‍.




Disconnecting from the mounting plate

To disconnect the doorbell from its mounting plate, press the key straight into the slot on the bottom of the unit until the gray catch is released. This will allow you to pull the doorbell off the mounting plate.

Accessing the battery compartment

Remove the battery cover

After disconnecting the doorbell from its mounting plate, remove the weather-resistant back cover to access the batteries.


Open battery cover 
Flip the doorbell over so you're looking at the back. With your fingernail, lift the bottom edge of the gray latch at the bottom of the doorbell. This releases the weather-resistant cover, allowing you to remove and replace the batteries.

Note: Keep the cover in a safe place when you change batteries.

How to close the battery cover 

  1. Insert the tabs at the top of the door into the slots near terminal screws.
  2. Push the bottom of the back cover until you see and hear the gray latch click into place.

Remounting the doorbell

Align the top of the doorbell with the top of the back plate so that the hook sets. Next, press the bottom against the back plate firmly until you feel and hear a click.

After you've remounted your doorbell, press the doorbell button to test it.

Video Doorbell with 2-hole back plate

Disconnecting from the mounting plate

If your doorbell has an open battery compartment, the latch is opened by pulling the release key toward you slightly. When released, slide the doorbell up while pivoting away from the mounting plate.

Accessing the battery compartment

Once you've dismounted the doorbell, flip the camera over and replace the batteries as needed.

Reinstalling the doorbell

Connect the doorbell to its mounting plate by lining up the pins and using a two step motion - press the doorbell against the back plate firmly (with moderate force), then push down to line up the bottom edges. You should feel a slight click when the doorbell is secure.

After you've reinstalled your doorbell, press the doorbell button to test it.


Outdoor and Indoor (3rd Gen)

Use this article for instructions on how to remove the back cover and install batteries for Blink Outdoor and Indoor (3rd Gen) cameras.

Before you begin

Before attempting to remove the back cover, make sure the camera is disconnected from any mounts or accessories. This includes any third-party products it may be attached to.

If the camera is brand new, a plastic sticker on the back of the camera shows the direction to turn. Peel off this sticker before using the camera.

To remove the back cover and open the camera

  1. If it is present, remove the silicone protective cover from the fastening screw, and keep it for future use.
  2. Use the included opening tool to turn the screw counter-clockwise (turning to the left) until the screw rotates freely. If the tool isn't available, an equivalent object such as a coin or a flat head screwdriver can also be used.
  3. With the tool inserted into the slot, apply side pressure on the tool and gently pry the cover loose. As shown in the illustration, hold the camera on its side with one hand while you pull with the other hand.

Optional instructions: There is another way to remove the back cover. 

  1. After the screw has been unscrewed completely, flip the opening tool around and insert the mounting end into the camera's back cover hole. You will feel and hear a click when the tool is secured. 
  2. Hold the camera with one hand and pull the opening tool gently backwards. This will allow the back cover to come off.

Install or replace batteries

Once the back cover has been removed, you will have access to the battery compartment. Add or replace the 2 AA lithium batteries into their slots, matching up the + and - that's labeled on the camera with the + and - labeled on the batteries.

image of an indoor gen2 and an outdoor camera's battery bay and serial number/qr code label

Replace and secure the back cover

  1. Align the guide notches as shown, and press the cover back in place against the camera body.
  2. Hand tighten the screw clockwise (turning to the right) until snug. Take care to prevent over-tightening. The cover should be flush with the camera body when you are done.

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XT2 and XT

This article will show you how to remove the battery cover from your new Blink XT camera. You can also watch a video on how to remove it by clicking here.

1. Hold the camera so that the back is facing you.

Hold the camera so that the back is facing you

2. You'll notice a grey switch with an arrow facing toward the bottom of the camera. Slide and hold that in the direction of the arrow.

Slide and hold grey switch

3. While doing this, pull up on the battery cover with your thumb. This may require some force as the camera is air tight.

pull up on battery cover with thumb and lift the cover off

4. Lift the battery cover off of the camera.

insert batteries and access serial number
That's it, you can now insert the batteries and access your camera's Device Serial Number (DSN).

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Indoor (gen 1)

The latch to remove the back cover of the Indoor (gen 1) camera is on the bottom. Slide the latch to release the battery cover.
first generation indoor battery cover and latch

Click here to learn how to remove the battery cover from the Blink Indoor and Outdoor camera.

The Blink Mini does not use batteries.

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