Selling your Blink Hardware

It is acceptable to gift or sell your Blink device but it must be removed from your account before anyone else may use it on theirs. If your equipment is not deleted from your account, then the new owner will not be able to add it to theirs. The easiest way to clear equipment for sale is to delete the System it is associated with.

Note: Deleting the account removes the account creation date. Changing the email address to a new user, on an existing account, will retain the original creation date. Click here to learn more about how to change the Blink account email address.

The following instructions help you delete a system, a camera, a sync module, and remove your account if you wish. Note that your email address is maintained to prevent anyone from duplicating your account.

Delete a System:

1. From the Home screen of the Blink app, tap the gear icon to view system settings.

Tap the gear icon to reach system settings

2. Tap the name of the system you wish to delete.

Tap the system you wish to delete

3. From the System screen tap Delete System and then confirm this action when you tap Delete in the confirmation popup.

Tap delete system confirm that you want to delete the System

You are returned to the Settings screen and the System is no longer present.

Delete a Camera:

To remove a camera, tap on the Settings icon to the right of the camera name.

tap on the settings icon

Scroll to the very bottom and tap Delete Camera. Tap on Yes to confirm.

tap on delete camera

Repeat this process to remove all other cameras.

Delete a Sync Module:

To remove the Sync Module, you must be physically present with it. Tap the settings icon in the home screen's footer.

home screen

Select the system that contains the Sync Module you want to remove.

Tap on Sync Module.

Choose "Delete Sync Module" and then OK.

Scan or enter in the serial number of the Sync Module, located on the bottom of the unit and confirm once again that you would like to delete it from your account.

Deleting your Account:

To delete your account, tap on the gear icon in the home screen footer.

Tap on Manage Account and you’ll see a Delete Account button.

Tap on this and confirm that you would like to fully delete your account by pressing DELETE.

When the new owner receives their equipment, they will be able to set up without running into any account issues.

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