Sync Module Pro FAQ

About the Sync Module Pro

What is the new Sync Module Pro?

The Sync Module Pro is the system hub that relays commands and network details to Blink cameras in the system it manages.


What does a Sync Module Pro do?

  • Cloud Storage backup - With a Blink Subscription Plan or trial, a once-daily backup of your Cloud Storage clips are saved to the microSD card.
  • Local Storage - Record and store motion clips when you insert a microSD card (up to 256 GB, sold separately).
  • Extended Range - Place your Outdoor 4 camera further from your Wi-Fi router for increased coverage and connectivity using Extended Range mode.

What is the difference between the Sync Module Pro and the Sync Module 2?

The Sync Module Pro and Sync Module 2 can accomplish similar tasks and are both compatible with all Blink products.
The Sync Module Pro offers a USB-C compatible power port, a microSD card slot for Local Storage, and Extended Range Mode when paired with the Blink Outdoor 4.


Do I need a Sync Module Pro for my Blink cameras?

Blink cameras that require a Sync Module:

  • Outdoor 4
  • Outdoor & Indoor (3rd Gen)
  • XT2
  • XT
  • Indoor (1st Gen)

It is optional for the Blink Wired Floodlight, Video Doorbell and Mini; however, you can add any of these cameras to a system that uses a Sync Module Pro.


Can any brand of smart home device work with the Sync Module Pro?

No, a Sync Module Pro is only compatible with Blink devices.


Does a Sync Module Pro allow me to extend the range of my home's Wi-Fi signal?

No, a Sync Module Pro does not extend the range of your home’s Wi-Fi signal.


If I have a Sync Module Pro, do I need a Wi-Fi connection?

Yes, a Wi-Fi connection is required for the Sync Module Pro.


What is the USB-C port used for?

The Sync Module Pro uses a USB Type-C port for power and is not for data transfer. The opposite end of the cable can be plugged into a USB Type-A compatible power adapter that supports 5V 1A.


Where is the Device Serial Number (DSN) and QR code located?

The Device Serial Number (DSN) and QR code are located on a sticker attached to the bottom of your Sync Module Pro. The QR code can be scanned by your mobile device to add it to your Blink account.


Storage Capabilities

What are the requirements for using the microSD card slot?

The Sync Module Pro accepts most microSD cards with sizes between 1GB and 256GB.

Format requirements:

  • ExFAT
  • FAT32
  • FAT

After inserting the card, the Sync Module will check for proper storage capacity. The app will prompt you to format the card if necessary.


How does the Sync Module Pro work with Cloud storage or Local storage?

Inserting a microSD card allows the Sync Module Pro to store video clips to the card in two different ways:

Cloud storage backup

With a Blink Subscription Plan (sold separately) or trial, a once-daily backup of your Cloud Storage clips are saved to the microSD card. Clips that are backed up onto the microSD card are viewable on a PC.

  • Note: Cloud Storage clips are available for a limited time, up to 60 days (30 days in EU/UK). Backing up Cloud Storage clips allows them to be permanently available until you manually delete them or your microSD card capacity is reached.

Local storage

When there is no active Blink Subscription plan, video clips from eligible cameras are saved directly to the microSD card once recording completes. Clips that have been saved to Local Storage are viewable in the Blink app.

  • Only the Blink Outdoor 4, Wired Floodlight, Video Doorbell, Outdoor & Indoor (3rd Gen), and Mini are eligible for Local Storage, but all Blink cameras may be part of a Sync Module Pro system.
    • Note: Legacy Blink cameras XT, XT2, and Indoor (1st Gen) cannot make use of Local Storage or Clip Backup with a Sync Module and microSD card. However, these cameras continue to receive 7200 seconds of Cloud storage. When these cameras reach their 7,200 second limit, the oldest clips are deleted as new ones are stored in the cloud.

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