Removing the Battery Cover of Blink cameras

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Blink Video Doorbell

The batteries and a QR code representing the Device Serial Number (DSN), are found inside the case of your Blink doorbell. The Blink Video Doorbell uses two, size AA Lithium non-rechargeable batteries.

To change batteries, follow the instructions to open the case. If you have a wired installation, disconnect power before removing the doorbell from its back plate. This is to protect you from possible electrical shock from the exposed terminals or wiring.



Electrical Shock Hazard: When electric wires are connected to the back plate, live current is available at the two metal contact posts. To be completely safe, we recommend turning off all power to the doorbell chime at the circuit breaker before opening the doorbell case to change batteries.

To remove the doorbell from its back plate, use the Opening Key that came taped to the paper template in the product box. If you need another key, contact Blink support‍.

Opening Key1641309775854-1641309775854.png
Put the key into the opening at the base of the Blink Video Doorbell.

If your doorbell has a battery cover, then removing it from the back plate is done by pressing the key straight into the slot until the grey catch is released.

If your doorbell has an open battery compartment, the latch is opened by pulling the key toward you slightly. When released, slide the doorbell up while pivoting away from the back plate.

Inside the battery case you can find the QR code and corresponding Device Serial Number (DSN), the reset button, and a diagram shows the correct position to insert new batteries.
There are two types of doorbell design. One has an open battery bay, the second has a weather protective battery cover. Both are shown below.

Type 1
Open battery bay
     Type 2
     With Battery cover
Type 2
Battery cover removed

If your doorbell has the weather protective battery cover, keep it safe when you change batteries, because the door is important for proper function.

Open battery cover: Press the grey release button to open, then lift the door, to remove.

Replace battery cover: Insert tabs of the door into the slots near terminal screws.

Close battery cover: Complete closing the door and press until a click confirms it is secure.

Reconnecting the doorbell

If your doorbell has a battery cover, make sure it is in place, and secured before reconnecting to the back plate. Align the top of the doorbell with the top of the back plate so that the hook sets, then press the bottom against the back plate firmly until you feel and hear a click.

For doorbell with an open battery bay, connect the doorbell to the back plate by lining up the pins and using a two step motion - press the doorbell against the back plate firmly (with moderate force), then push down to line up the bottom edges. You should feel a slight click when the doorbell is secure.

Press the doorbell button to test it.


Outdoor and Indoor (3rd Gen)

Outdoor (3rd Gen) and Indoor (3rd Gen) cameras have batteries and a Serial Number (DSN) sticker inside the back cover. You need the serial number to add the device to a system. For your convenience, we added a QR code version of the serial number to scan with the Blink mobile app.

image of an indoor gen2 and an outdoor camera's battery bay and serial number/qr code label
Image of battery compartment and QR code
Indoor (3rd Gen) is left and Outdoor (3rd Gen) on the right

Some Blink camera accessories like the Floodlight and Solar Panel Mount have their own batteries. 

Click to learn about adding an Outdoor (3rd Gen) or Indoor (3rd Gen) camera‍ to your system.

How to remove the back cover

Before trying to remove the back cover, you must remove the camera from any mounts or accessories. This includes any third-party products.

Your camera shipped with a silicone disc covering the screw that secures the back cover.

The screw slot allows you to use the included opening tool/mount adapter unscrew the camera back. You can also use a coin, or flathead screwdriver.

A plastic sticker on the back of the camera shows the direction to turn. Turn left (counter clockwise) to open, and right (clockwise) to close.

Remove the film before camera use.

To remove the back cover and open the camera

1. If it is present, remove the silicone protective cover from the fastening screw, and keep it for future use.

2. Use the included opening tool, to turn the screw counter-clockwise (turning to the left) until the screw spins freely.

3. Apply side pressure on the opening tool to gently pry the cover loose. As shown in the illustration, be careful to hold the camera on its side, to allow the cover to come off.

3.a. (Accessibility) Another way to remove the back cover after it is unscrewed completely, is to turn the opening tool around and insert the mounting end into the camera's back cover (you will feel and hear a click when the mount is secured). Then, if you pull the opening tool gently, the camera's back cover also comes off because the two are now attached.

To secure the back cover and close the camera

1. Align the guide notches as shown, and gently hold the cover in place against the camera body.

2. Turn the screw clockwise (turning to the right) approximately three turns, or until snug. Take care to prevent over-tightening. The cover should be flush with the camera body when you are done.

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XT2 and XT

This article will show you how to remove the battery cover from your new Blink XT camera. You can also watch a video on how to remove it by clicking here.

1. Hold the camera so that the back is facing you.

Hold the camera so that the back is facing you

2. You'll notice a grey switch with an arrow facing toward the bottom of the camera. Slide and hold that in the direction of the arrow.

Slide and hold grey switch

3. While doing this, pull up on the battery cover with your thumb. This may require some force as the camera is air tight.

pull up on battery cover with thumb and lift the cover off

4. Lift the battery cover off of the camera.

insert batteries and access serial number
That's it, you can now insert the batteries and access your camera's Device Serial Number (DSN).

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Indoor (gen 1)

The latch to remove the back cover of the Indoor (gen 1) camera is on the bottom. Slide the latch to release the battery cover.
first generation indoor battery cover and latch

Click here to learn how to remove the battery cover from the Blink Indoor and Outdoor camera.

The Blink Mini does not use batteries.

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