Blink Outdoor 4 camera FAQ

What is the Outdoor 4 camera?

Blink Outdoor 4 is a battery powered camera that connects to your Wi-Fi and brings you 1080p HD video, two-way audio, and on-demand live view in the Blink mobile app. The Outdoor 4 camera features improved low light performance, enhanced motion detection, Alexa integration, and Person Detection (with a Blink Subscription Plan).


What's in the box?

Check your Blink Outdoor 4 camera box contents

If anything is missing, do not attempt to install your Blink Outdoor 4 camera.

  • 1 Blink Outdoor 4 camera
  • 2 1/2" Phillips head screws
  • 1 mount
  • 1 right angle adapter/opening tool
  • 2 AA 1.5V lithium metal batteries (non-rechargeable)
  • 1 Quick Start Guide
  • Sync Module (when purchased with a bundle)

Does the Blink Outdoor 4 camera detect motion?

Yes! Using the Settings in the Blink app, you can arm and enable your camera for Motion Detection.


What is Person Detection?

Person Detection is the camera's ability to detect people using computer vision (CV). Using on-camera CV analysis, Outdoor 4 and Wired Floodlight cameras can determine the difference between a person and other types of motion. Person Detection is available as part of an optional Blink Subscription Plan (sold separately).


Does the Blink Outdoor 4 camera require a Sync Module?

Yes, the Outdoor 4 camera does require a Sync Module (sold separately or purchased in a bundle) and also connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network. Additionally, you can use Local Storage to save your clips on a USB drive with a Sync Module 2 (each sold separately).


Can I set up the Outdoor 4 on my existing system that has a Sync Module?

Yes, the Outdoor 4 can be added to your existing Blink system. It is compatible with all Blink Sync Modules.


Can I purchase a Blink Subscription Plan for my Outdoor 4 camera?

Yes, you can purchase either a Blink Basic or Plus Subscription Plan to take advantage of subscription-only features and cloud storage. If you have an existing Plus Plan for your account, your Outdoor 4 camera will be covered. For more details, visit our Subscriptions page.


Does the Outdoor 4 come with a trial of Cloud Storage?

Yes, the Outdoor 4 camera comes with a 30-day trial of a Blink Plus Subscription Plan at no cost. You can then purchase a Subscription Plan for cloud storage. With a Blink Subscription Plan, you'll enjoy features such a Photo Capture, Person Detection, and more.


Does the Outdoor 4 camera use Local Storage?

Yes. Local Storage starts automatically for the Outdoor 4 when attached to a Sync Module 2 with recognized USB drive. When the drive is full, you are alerted, and saving stops. Live Views are never saved to USB.

The USB drive saves clips in one of two ways, depending on your subscription status.

  • With a subscription - you get a once-daily clip backup stored to USB (not viewable in the Blink app).
  • With no subscription - clips are saved to the USB drive and viewed in the Blink app.

Can the Outdoor 4 camera be powered outdoors via USB cable or solar panel?

The Outdoor 4 can be powered outdoors through its USB-C port using a Weather Resistant Power Adapter (sold separately). The Blink Solar Panel Mount uses a micro-USB connection and is only compatible with the Outdoor (3rd Gen) camera. Learn more about the Blink Outdoor Power Adapter.


What color does the Outdoor 4 camera come in?

The Outdoor 4 camera is currently available in black. Optional silicone camera skins are available for the Outdoor 4 in a variety of colors. The skins fit outside of the camera providing sun and weather protection. Learn more about Silicone Camera Skin for Blink cameras or visit the Silicone Skin for Outdoor 4 purchase page on Amazon.


Is the Outdoor 4 camera weather-resistant?

Yes, the Outdoor 4 camera is rated IP65 weather-resistant and can be mounted to a variety of outdoor surfaces. Note: Once the port cover is removed, the camera is no longer weather-resistant unless it's powered through its USB-C port using a weather resistant USB-C adapter (sold separately).


Does the Outdoor 4 camera work with Alexa?

Yes! After enabling the Blink SmartHome Skill and discovering your Outdoor 4 in the Alexa app, you can enjoy features such as live views from your Alexa-enabled device, arming or disarming your Outdoor 4, and more using Alexa commands. Please visit our Alexa Setup Guide to learn more.


How does the Outdoor 4 compare to the Outdoor (3rd Gen)?

The Blink Outdoor 4 camera offers the following enhancements over our Outdoor (3rd Gen) camera.
  • A wider viewing area with the increased lens field of view from 110⁰ to 143⁰.
  • Improved image quality and low-light performance.
  • Catch events quickly with dual-zone motion detection alerts.
  • Minimized unwanted motion notifications using Person Detection and CV technology.

Can both Local Storage and Cloud Storage be used?

Yes, customers can use both forms of storage. The subscription offers Cloud Storage which allows you to access motion clips directly from your Blink app and saves Clip Backups to the USB flash drive. Learn more about the latest subscription details and options.


How does the Outdoor 4 use Photo Capture?

Using the Photo Capture feature (requires an active Blink Subscription Plan or trial), your Outdoor 4 takes a thumbnail photo every hour, once a day. These thumbnails are then converted into a brief video clip that you can view in your Blink app. If a motion alert or Live View event occurs, the hourly photos taken up to that point are assembled into a clip, and the hourly photos begin again after motion is complete.  Eligible cameras are Blink Outdoor 4 camera and Outdoor and Indoor (3rd Gen). Learn more about Photo Capture.


How long do the batteries last?

Outdoor 4 cameras can expect battery life of up to 2 years based on default settings. Battery life will vary based on device settings, use, and environmental factors.


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