Troubleshoot the Pan-Tilt Mount

For Indoor Use Only

The following will assist you with resolving issues with your Pan-Tilt Mount, which is only for indoor use.

Recalibrate your Pan-Tilt Mount

If you receive an alert in the Blink app to calibrate your Pan-Tilt Mount, you will need to recalibrate it. You can do this manually within the app or by unplugging your Pan-Tilt Mount from the power source and then plugging it back in. Learn more about how to manually calibrate the Pan-Tilt Mount.


Reset your Mini camera

The Blink Mini has a reset button on the bottom side of the camera, which may be necessary to use when adding it to a system or resolving issues that occur. It is recommended that you first remove your Mini from the Pan-Tilt mount for easier access, while making sure you leave the USB cable connected, before attempting a reset. Learn more about resetting the Blink Mini camera.


The controls or settings for my Pan-Tilt mount are not visible

Make certain that the Blink Mini is the only camera you have connected to the Pan-Tilt Mount. Next, check that the Blink app is up to date. It is important that you use the most current version of the Blink app in order to have full compatibility with your Pan-Tilt mount. Learn more about about keeping your app version current.


My Pan-Tilt Mount movements or speed is irregular

If your Pan-Tilt mount's speed or movement is not normal, it may be due to using a third party USB cable or power adapter. It is important to use only the supplied USB cable and power adapter that are included with your Mini camera or Pan-Tilt mount camera bundle. In addition, power strips and extension cords may also effect the motor's functionality, if they are not supplying the correct amount of power to your unit.


My images appear upside down

If the Mini camera connected to your Pan-Tilt Mount produces upside down Live Views or clips, check the Flip Video setting for your camera. This setting needs to be enabled when mounting to ceilings, or disabled again if this is no longer the case. Learn more about about using the Flip Video setting.


My camera is not showing a full 360° view

If your view range is not a full 360°, it could be due to incorrectly mounting your Mini camera. Make certain your Pan-Tilt Mount is connected to the bottom of your Mini and not the back mounting point. Otherwise your range of motion will be restricted. Learn more about about setting up your Pan-Tilt Mount.


My camera will not pan or tilt to the limit

It is important that you place your Pan-Tilt Mount in a location where it has enough clearance to fully move in all directions. This will most often occur if the unit is placed too close to a wall or other objects.


I'm missing a power cord and adapter in my box

If you purchased your Pan-Tilt Mount as a standalone accessory, you need to use the power cord and adapter that originally shipped with your Mini camera. Power cords and adapters are included in your box, when you purchase your Pan-Tilt Mount and Mini camera together.


My default position is not aligning properly

Initially the default home position is 180 degree pan position from the USB port and 90 degree tilt position from the base. If this changes, or the Pan-Tilt mount doesn't return to a new default position you set, you will need to update your Default View. Learn more about about resetting your default view and controlling your Pan-Tilt Mount.


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