Using Live View with the Floodlight Camera

The following explains how to use Live View with your Floodlight Camera.

Start Live View

To see your Floodlight Camera's Live View in the Blink mobile app, tap the Play button settings icon  in the center thumbnail area.

Using two-way audio

When you initiate Live View, your microphone is muted, but you will hear audio from your Floodlight Camera.
To hear through the floodlight camera, tap the Unmute icon on the Live View screen.
While audio is active, the icon becomes animated and the background is blue. To stop hearing sound, tap the speaker muteicon. Learn more about using two way audio.

Changing Live View orientation

In landscape, or full-screen view, tap the screen to see your control options.

  • You can also access your Floodlight Camera's settings directly from the Live View screen. Learn more about accessing your Floodlight Camera settings from Live View.

  • Manually control your floodlights and see live views with two-way audio from your Floodlight Camera in the Blink app. Learn more about how to use Live View.

  • To save Live Views, purchase a Blink Subscription Plan‍ and attach the Floodlight Camera or you can use local storage.

  • Extended Live View is available for the Wired Floodlight Camera when you have a Blink Subscription Plan. This feature provides images and sound directly from a Wired Floodlight Camera to the Blink app, up to 90 minutes at a time without user intervention. Learn more about Extended Live View.


Simply enable the Blink SmartHome skill in the Alexa app. Alexa voice commands then provide you with the ability to watch live views from your Amazon Echo, Fire TV, and Fire Tablet devices.

Learn more about using Alexa Live View and Two-Way Audio.

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