Controlling the lights of your Floodlight Camera

You can manually operate the lights on your Floodlight Camera from the app home screen or Live View. They will stay lit until they're manually turned off or automatically shut off based on your Timeout after Manual Activation setting. The Blink Wired Floodlight can be set to automatically shut off after 30 seconds or up to 15 minutes after motion activation.

When battery powered floodlights are manually turned on they will stay lit up to one minute, or they can be set to automatically shut off after 15 seconds or up to 5 minutes after motion activation.

Your floodlights can also be set to turn on automatically when motion is detected, when Motion Activation is enabled in the Lighting Settings screen. Learn more about your Blink Wired Floodlight Camera settings.

In the Blink app

Home screen

On the Home screen of the Blink app, tap the More buttonsettings icon in the lower right corner, in the thumbnail image for your camera. Next tap to turn lights on or off.

When your lights turn on or off, messages will also display on your home screen such as Turning Lights On or Turning Lights Off.

Live View screen

You also have the option to control the lights on the Live View screen by tapping on the Turn On and Turn Off buttons, which turn blue when pressed. Learn more about how to access Live View.


With Alexa

Alexa makes operating your Blink Floodlight Camera easier by letting your voice control it. Simply setup your new floodlight device in the Blink app and enable the Blink SmartHome skill in the Alexa app. You can then control your lights with the following voice command.

Wired Floodlight Commands

“Alexa, turn on/off [camera name].”

Battery Floodlight Commands

Alexa, turn on/off the [outdoor camera name] light
Alexa, dim the [outdoor camera name] light.”
“Alexa, set the [outdoor name] light to fifty percent.”
“Alexa, brighten the [outdoor camera name] light.

Learn more about controlling Smart Lighting with Alexa


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