Deleting a System

Use this article to understand how to delete a system.

System basics

Blink devices work together as part of a system. Each system can manage up to ten Blink devices.

When you delete a system, all of its devices are deleted, and an email is sent to the account owner. Use this to quickly remove items from your account, for situations such as selling a device or replacing an existing device.

Deleting a system will not delete any previously saved clips within your storage location.

To delete a system

  1. From the Home screen, tap Settings to view system settings.
  2. Select Device and System Settings.
  3. Tap the name of the system you wish to delete.
  4. From the System screen, select Delete System.
  5. Then tap DELETE in the confirmation popup.

After confirming, you are returned to the Settings screen and the system has been removed.

Empty system

Empty systems contain no devices and is ready to either have devices added to it or be deleted.

If you delete all devices from a system, or have an incomplete setup after creating a system name, it is found in App Settings > Device and System Settings.

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