Can I have multiple Blink Systems on one Account?

Blink cameras work together with a Sync Module to create a system. You can have multiple systems within an account. The Blink app allows you to manage multiple systems and their connected Blink devices from a single account.

Each Sync Module added to your account allows you to group and manage up to ten cameras in a single system.

Learn more about adding your Sync Module 2 to a new or existing system.

Devices that do not require a Sync Module

The following Blink devices can create and manage their own systems:

  • Wired Floodlight
  • Video Doorbell
  • Mini
  • Mini 2

While these devices can create their own system, they are capable of joining existing Sync Module-managed systems as well.

After multiple systems are added to an account, you can select them by tapping on their name at the top of the Home screen. Swipe your finger across the top to scroll and view more systems.

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