How to install batteries on Outdoor 4 camera

This article describes how to remove the back cover of the Outdoor 4 and replace the batteries.

*The Outdoor 4 can be powered through its USB-C port using a weather resistant USB-C adapter; however, once the USB port cover is removed, the camera is no longer weather-resistant until it's reinserted.

How to remove the back cover

To remove the back cover of your camera, use the included right angle/adapter opening tool or large screwdriver.

1. Turn the screw to the left (counterclockwise) until it rotates freely.

2. Use the right angle/adapter opening tool to gently pry in one direction, lifting the back cover.

How to install your batteries

Once your back cover is removed, insert your batteries with the positive (+) and negative (-) poles aligned within the battery compartment.

Note: Blink cameras are only compatible with size AA 1.5 volt Lithium non-rechargeable batteries.

How to replace the back cover

To make sure the back cover is placed correctly, a post is included in its design. The back cover only fits when the post is aligned with the key hole on the camera.

1. Align the back cover's post with the key hole next to the camera's USB port and push to close.

2. Use the right angle/adapter opening tool, a coin, or large screwdriver to turn the screw to the right (clockwise) about three turns until the back cover is flush with the camera.

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