Serial Already Registered error message

Serial number already registered to a different account

This articles explains why you may receive a “Serial already registered to a different account” error message when adding a device in the Blink app. 

Why am I receiving this error message?

The device has been previously set up in a Blink account, and continues to exist within that account.

How to resolve this error message

Depending on how you acquired the device, one of these scenarios may resolve your issue:

1. You added the device to a different account or system in the past.

  • Do you have multiple Blink accounts and systems? If so, the device may have been added to your other account or a different system. Check your other Blink account and any other systems to see if the device is listed. If it is, you must delete that device from that account. Once it's deleted, you can re-add it to the appropriate Blink account.
  • Learn more about how to delete a camera.
  • Learn more about how to delete a system.

2. You were gifted the device.

  • Did someone give you the device? If so, the device must be deleted from the original owner's Blink account.
  • If they need helping deleting the camera, they can learn more by visiting gifting your existing Blink hardware.
  • Once the device serial number is no longer associated with another Blink account, you can add it to your Blink account.

3. You bought the item from an unsupported 3rd party seller.

  • If you receive a Blink device through an unsupported 3rd party seller (preowned or refurbished), you must contact the original owner or seller and request they delete the device from an existing account. 
  • If they need help deleting the camera, they can learn more by visiting selling your existing Blink hardware.
  • If you are unable to contact the original owner or seller, Blink Support is unable to resolve this issue and your system is no longer warrantied.

Purchase your Blink devices through official retailers to ensure they are not preowned and already registered. Here is a list of our official Blink retailers:

Canada Retailers

Amazon.CA, Best Buy, Canadian Tire, Costco, London Drugs, Lowes, Reno Depot, Rona, Staples, The Home Depot and The Source.


EU/UK Retailers

UK:, Argos, ScrewFix, Very, Curry's PC World, John Lewis
DE:, Media Markt, Saturn, Expert, Tink,, Cyberport
FR:, Boulanger
IT:, Media World, Unieuro
ES:, Media Markt
IE:, Argos
AT:, Media Markt, Saturn
NL:, Coolblue

Mexico Retailers and Mixup.


AAFES - Army and Air Force Exchange Service
NEX - Navy and Marines Exchange Service
CGX - Coast Guard Exchange

Remember to keep your receipt. Any questions about your purchase will be redirected to the original point of sale.
If you intend to sell or gift your device, please review the Reselling or gifting your Blink hardware article. 

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