Blink Video Doorbell FAQ

Answer your door no matter where you are from your smartphone with 1080p HD day and infrared night video and two-way audio.

Get alerts when motion is detected or someone presses Video Doorbell. Connect to existing doorbell wiring or pair with a Sync Module (sold separately) to engage live view and two-way audio on demand.

Blink’s Video Doorbell has two-way audio, HD video, motion detection, Blink app alerts, and works with Alexa-enabled devices. The Blink Video Doorbell is powered by two, size AA batteries at all times, and can be wired to ring your existing home chime.

Choose to save and share clips in the cloud with a free 30-day trial of the Blink Subscription Plan or locally with the Sync Module 2 and USB drive (each sold separately).

Designed for every home, go wire-free or connect to doorbell wiring to also sound your existing in-home chime. Without wiring, you can use your Blink Mini camera (sold separately) as an indoor plug-in chime.

With a Sync Module or compatible wiring, your battery life extends up to 2 years, and you can start Live View or take thumbnails in the Blink app. Without a wired connection or a Sync Module, you enter Event Response mode where you only receive motion alert and doorbell press notifications, and you must tap a notification within 60 seconds to enter Live View with two-way talk.

When you pair the Blink Video Doorbell with a Sync Module and Blink Subscription Plan, you can start Live View sessions in the Blink app and save them to cloud storage, use clip roll editing, see clips faster with rapid viewing, receive daily photo capture clips, use more convenient in-app sharing, and access future features.

With our Sync Module 2, and a Subscription Plan‍, you can save a daily cloud backup onto a compatible USB flash drive.

With no active subscription, the Sync Module 2 can save motion clips and ringer button press clips in Local Storage, to be viewed in the Blink app.

Visit our Official Blink Retailers article for a complete list.


Connect your existing doorbell wiring to your Video Doorbell to sound your in-home chime. Learn about Blink Video Doorbell wired installation‍.

Mechanical or digital chime systems that provide 16 to 24 volts AC are compatible with the doorbell. If your chime system provides less than 16 volts AC, the doorbell enters Event Response‍ mode and stops listening for commands after 60 seconds, to save batteries.


Yes, the Blink Video Doorbell can be wired or wire-free. 

When wired, the Blink Video Doorbell is able to extend battery life and rings your existing chime. Even when wired, the doorbell is always powered by size AA, 1.5 volt, lithium non-rechargeable batteries. 

When not wired, your Video Doorbell will chime, but will not ring your existing in-home chime.


Mount the doorbell after you install the Blink app, and add the doorbell to your account. Your Video Doorbell is weather resistant with a seal that protects against water. We recommend mounting it to your home with the included back plate by following Mounting the Blink Video Doorbell‍ instructions.


What are Photo Capture clips?

This feature is available if you have a Blink Subscription Plan or trial. Using Photo Capture, your Video Doorbell takes a thumbnail photo every hour, once a day. These thumbnails are then converted into a brief video clip and are viewable on your Clip List in the Blink app. 

Clips from a new event may appear in the Blink app before the Photo Capture clip displays.

Learn more about Photo Capture.


How do I enable my doorbell?

If you want to receive motion notification for motion events and doorbell presses, you must first arm your Blink system in the Blink app. Once your system is Armed, any motion detected by your doorbell will send a notification to your mobile device.

Motion events are recorded as motion clips if you have subscribed to a Blink Plan or are using Local Storage. These clips can be viewed in the Clips  section of the app. If you are not subscribing to a Blink Plan and do not have local storage, no motion clips are saved.


What are my storage options?

Blink Subscription Plan -
Unlimited clips are saved to the cloud for 60 days each.
A new Blink Video Doorbell includes a free 30-day trial of the Blink Subscription Plus Plan that includes all of your Blink devices.
You can subscribe to a single device Basic plan for just $3 a month, or $10 per month for unlimited devices and cameras on your account.

Local Storage‍ -
To store videos without a subscription, you attach devices or cameras to a Sync Module 2 with a recognized USB flash drive inserted (sold separately).

Note: If your account was created on, or before April 15, 2020, the doorbell saves to your free cloud storage.


No, you can use all Blink products without a Blink Subscription Plan - you can save clips to local storage for no monthly fee using a Sync Module 2 with USB flash drive (sold separately).

Note: If your account was created on, or before April 15, 2020, you receive two hours of free cloud storage.


Yes! To enable Local Storage for the Blink Video Doorbell, simply attach it to a Sync Module 2 system with a compatible USB flash drive inserted. Learn more about Local Storage.


How long does a pair of batteries last?

Battery life will change with device settings, use, and environmental factors. When paired with a Sync Module, a Blink Video Doorbell can achieve up to two years of battery life with the default settings and normal use.


Will I be notified when battery power is running low?

Yes, you are notified when battery levels drop to "low." A battery level indicator is shown on the home screen of the Blink app, and on the doorbell Settings screen. 


Can I use rechargeable batteries?

No, the Blink Video Doorbell only uses one pair of non-rechargeable, Lithium Metal, size AA, 1.5v batteries. Click to visit the Amazon purchase page for recommended batteries.


Yes, the Video Doorbell needs an always-on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network with an upload speed of at least 2Mb per second. If the available bandwidth is too low, you may receive intermittent Live View, or clips that take a long time to load.


Yes, on mobile devices, the Blink app has a Tap-to-Talk button in the Live View screen. If your mobile device does not support echo suppression, you must hold the Push-to-Talk button while speaking during the Live View session.

The Blink Video Doorbell supports two-way audio on Alexa enabled devices like the Echo Show. Learn more about Alexa Skills and Features‍.


When the doorbell button is pressed, the Blink Doorbell sound is played from the speaker, and your existing doorbell chime will ring inside, if it is connected.

The Blink app also plays the Blink Doorbell sound and provides motion notifications. Blink products only interact with the Blink mobile app at this time.

The Blink app shows a notification when the doorbell is pressed or motion is detected. You can tap notifications to enter a Live View session with two-way talk.

When the doorbell is in Event Response, it stops listening for your tap after 60 seconds, to save batteries. When the doorbell is connected to compatible powered wiring, or a Sync Module, you can tap the notification at any time.

For doorbell announcements from Alexa, an Echo device can be connected through the Blink SmartHome Skill. Learn more about using Alexa enabled devices with the Blink Video Doorbell.


The Blink SmartHome skill does not support "auto live view" when the Blink Video Doorbell is pressed or motion detection is triggered. You need to respond to the notification by saying "Alexa, answer the [doorbell name]."

When the doorbell is connected to compatible powered chime wiring or a Sync Module, you can start a Live View just by saying "Alexa, show me the [doorbell name]."

For example, to enter Live View if your device is named "front door" you can say, "Alexa show me the front door."

Note: When a doorbell is in Event Response‍ mode, Alexa is not able to start the Live View from a voice command.


Can I use my Echo device as a chime?

Yes, with the Blink SmartHome Skill integration, your Echo device can alert you with Doorbell Announcements when your guests press the doorbell ringer button, or when motion is detected.

Instead of a chime sound, Alexa announces "Someone is at your [doorbell name].

Learn more about using Alexa enabled devices with the Blink Video Doorbell.


Can the doorbell announcement sounds be changed on my Echo device?

Yes, when Doorbell Announcement is enabled, you can change the Echo ringer sound. 

Learn more about using Alexa devices with the Blink Video Doorbell‍.

Please open your Alexa app and navigate to:

Devices > Cameras > [your doorbell name] >  Doorbell Sound.


I am an existing customer, do I get free cloud storage?

Accounts that were created on, or before April 15, 2020 continue to have the original 7200 seconds (2 hours) of cloud storage per Sync Module. The Blink Video Doorbell shares this cloud storage with the rest of the Blink devices on your account.


When a Blink Subscription Plan or 30-day trial of the Blink Subscription Plus Plan ends, no new clips are saved. Clips you already have are available in the Blink app for a maximum of 60 days each (30 days in the EU/UK), and then delete automatically.

To share clips from the Blink app, a subscription plan is required. You can save locally and share outside of the Blink app if you don't have a subscription.

If you have a Sync Module 2 with a recognized compatible USB drive, and your subscription stops, clips begin saving to Local Storage.

Local Storage clips stay on the USB drive until you delete them manually.

Local Storage clips are in a different folder than the "Clip Backups" folder that is created when the subscription is active and a recognized USB drive is in the Sync Module 2.

Local Storage clips are viewable in the Blink app.

Learn more about how to access Clip Backups on Your USB Drive‍.


No, the Blink Video Doorbell can manage its own system, but when installed with a connected Sync Module, doorbell battery life is improved and advanced features are available.


No, the Blink Video Doorbell has no way to store clips by itself. If you add the doorbell to a system managed by a Sync Module 2, you can save clips to Local Storage on a USB drive (sold separately) inserted into the Type A port.

Local Storage clips are viewable in the Blink app until you delete them.

If the USB storage is full, no more clips are saved.


Can my Mini camera chime for my doorbell?

Yes it is!  Now, any Blink Mini camera on the same system with a doorbell can play the chime sound when your doorbell button is pressed. This is a convenient way to make sure you don't miss a visitor or delivery. Normal chime sounds and notifications still come through the Blink app.

Learn more about using your Mini camera as a chime.‍

If you already have a doorbell installed, add a Mini camera to the system the doorbell is on. If you already have a Mini installed, add the doorbell to the Mini system.
Add the doorbell and Mini to a Sync Module system for even more convenience.

Any number of doorbell and Mini cameras can be used together when they are all on the same system.

The Mini will interrupt the chime sound and stop playing to manage any camera event that happens, so you never miss a clip.


Yes, the Blink Video Doorbell can be connected to powered wiring from your mechanical or digital chime. When the ringer button is pressed, the wired circuit is closed and your chime rings.

The doorbell is compatible with with chime transformers rated from 16-24 volts AC (vAC). If your existing chime has less than than 16 vAC, the doorbell enters Event Response‍ mode.

Learn more about Wired installation.

Third-party wireless chimes are incompatible with the Blink Video Doorbell.


Can I control the chime volume?

Yes, you can adjust the chime volume during setup. When a chime is recognized, the app takes you though calibration steps.

Learn more about changing your chime volume.


Does the doorbell work when the power goes out?

The Blink Video Doorbell needs a working Wi-Fi connection to send alerts and update settings. Wireless internet routers are usually plugged in to the main electrical supply, so if the power is out, the Wi-Fi is off.

Since the doorbell is battery powered, it will continue to play the Blink chime when the ringer button is pressed, but you will not receive notifications or video until Wi-Fi is connected to the internet.

If you have a wired installation, and power to the chime system goes out, a doorbell press only plays the Blink chime sound from the doorbell. When power to the chime system comes back on, a doorbell press will activate the chime and play the Blink chime sound from the doorbell.


The Blink Video Doorbell works normally from -4º F to 113º F (-20º C to 45º C)


What if I lost the mounting screws during the installation?

We have provided spare mounting screws and weatherproofing washers in the box. If you need additional mounting screws, please don’t hesitate to contact Customer Support.


How much does a Wedge or Corner Mount change my doorbell view?

Wedge: 5° vertical tilt (up or down)

Corner Mount: 25° horizontal tilt (side to side)

To adjust your camera position in the opposite direction, flip your Wedge or Corner Mount 180º so that the top and bottom switch positions.


Yes, the Blink Video Doorbell is considered to be like other Blink cameras when it is on a system managed by a Sync Module. The Blink Video Doorbell can manage its own communications with the Blink servers, which impacts battery life, as it uses more power to communicate.


Is the doorbell waterproof? Do I need to install under a cover?

The Blink video Doorbell is rated IP-54 weather resistant to rain, dust, cold and heat, within typical limits. For more details, visit the Blink Video Doorbell Technical Specifications‍ page.

The doorbell is not designed to be immersed in water.


The Blink Video Doorbell only works with Amazon Alexa enabled devices.

Click to learn more about Blink products that are compatible with IFTTT, click How Do I Use IFTTT Applets with Blink?


What if my wired chime doesn't ring?

During normal setup, you can test the doorbell sound. If your doorbell is not making the chime sound, or if it is not ringing your existing chime, visit the Troubleshooting the Blink Video Doorbell‍ page.

Existing wiring for external doorbell buttons can have corrosion that may prevent the full current from being available. Remove corrosion if present and only connect bare wires to the doorbell terminal posts.


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